The Insta Offer

We at Picsin, have always strived to achieve the best for our customers at all times. We thank you for letting us become a part of your world by trusting in our services to bring your best moments to life. To further strengthen this relationship, we would like you to claim a 12 inch x 12 inch Rolled Canvas Print Absolutely Free. The Offer is available to all new and existing customers who have placed an order with us on or after 1st April 2020 for Rs. 1499 or more. That's not it, the best entry every month stands a chance to win 16 inch x 16 inch Rolled Canvas Print and that to Absolutely Free !!!

How to claim?


Click a Picture of the product that you created using our online services, to decorate your surroundings.


Upload the picture on to your Instagram account using #canvasprints and also Tag our Instagram page on your post using tag @picsinin.


Also, follow our Instagram page & fill a Google Form with required details along with the image that you want to get printed.


Once done we will verify your entry and upon successful verification, we will send you a Free Rolled Canvas Print.

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Go to google forms
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Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility: All the customers who have purchased any product from our website, on or after 1st April 2020 with an Order / Invoice / Purchase value of Rs. 1499 or more are eligible to avail this offer.

2. Steps to follow: The customers are required to click and upload the picture of the product ordered from along with themselves in the picture, to their Instagram accounts under their Instagram Feeds with #canvasprints and tag the post to @picsinin & follow our Instagram page at (Using Instagram App). Once done, the customers are required to fill in the Google Form with all the required details along with the picture they want to print on 12 inch x 12 inch Rolled Canvas Print. (Please note: Login to the Google accounts is required to fill the Google forms.)

3. Verification: All the eligible entries will be verified by our team and once they are verified, we will ship the free 12 inch x 12 inch Rolled Canvas Print to the address provided by the customer. Customers are required to follow all the steps mentioned in point 2 stated in terms and conditions to claim the offer. If any of the step is missing or have not been followed by the customer then the claim to the offer shall be rejected.

4. Customers can claim this offer once per order. Multiple entries to the same Order / Purchase / Invoice Id shall automatically be rejected.

5. Pictures uploaded by the customers in their Instagram stories will be rejected. Pictures uploaded to Instagram Posts / feeds will be considered eligible for the offer.

6. Customers shall receive a 12 inch x 12 inch Rolled Canvas Print Absolutely Free upon successful verification and completion of the above mentioned steps. Best entry per week also stand a chance to win a 16 inch x 16 inch rolled canvas print absolutely free. The winner of the best entry shall be intimated via email provided by the customer.

7. Upon successful verification of the entry, a minimum of 5 – 7 working days are required to ship the Free 12 inch x 12 inch Canvas Print.

8. The offer is not valid for the purchases made before 1st April 2020. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

9. Please note Picsin Enterprises ( holds the right to amend or change the Terms & Conditions and has the right to withdraw or suspend the offer any time without giving any prior notice or cause.

10. To seek clarification or to resolve any query drop us an email to [email protected].

11. Instagram Logo is a Property of Instagram Company. It is used just for demonstration purpose. The logo has not been used for any Printing Purposes. Instagram is not associated with Picsin Enterprises. Picsin Enterprises is solely responsible for the Contest and holds right to amend/revoke/ change the contest any given time without any cause.