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Size (Inch) Old Price New Price Never Before Offer
8 in x 8 in ₹ 443 ₹ 199 Discount 55% off
12 in x 10 in ₹ 1562 ₹ 703 Discount 55% off
16 in x 12 in ₹ 2095 ₹ 943 Discount 55% off
24 in x 16 in ₹ 4051 ₹ 1823 Discount 55% off
36 in x 30 in ₹ 7571 ₹ 3407 Discount 55% off
48 in x 48 in ₹ 16175 ₹ 7279 Discount 55% off
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Create Your Custom Canvas

Canvas Mounting Option


Rolled Canvas

Do you have your own framing ideas? If so, we can help you in printing your best pictures on canvas. We offer the most affordable prices for the best in class prints. We provide a 1.5 inch extra border all around the print that makes it easy to be framed and the way you like it!


Mounted Canvas

Looking for ready to hang canvases? We have the right option for you. Mounted canvases are wrapped around the wooden frames and comes with pre-installed hooks at the back that helps in hanging the frame perfectly on the wall. There are 2 frame thickness options to choose from.


Gallery Wrap Canvas

Wanna add seemless beauty to your photos? Make gallery wrap canvas, where your photos are printed around the edges of canvas wrap. Our designers adjusts pictures in such a way that the front image crop remains the same. You can select between mirror and image wrap option.

Customizing Photos on Canvas Online


Image Editing & Customization

We have designed the best-in-class online image editing & printing platform, that enables you to customize your photos on canvas. Here you can edit, crop, adjust alignment, add filters and correct brightness of your pictures. It's a very intuitive and easy to use a three-step process, which lets you print your images on canvas. We use the most advanced digital canvas printing technology, which produces true to life prints. So, express yourself and recapture the precious moments spent with your loved ones.

  • Upload, edit and customize your pictures the way you like.
  • Make rolled, mounted & gallery wrap canvas print online.
  • Canvas Prints wrapped around genuine pinewood frames.
  • Photo prints on 340 GSM thick textured matte canvas.
  • Square, Landscape & Portrait Sizes available online.
  • Avail, priority shipping & cash on delivery services.
  • Free & Fast Delivery via Blue Dart, FedEx & others.
  • No-Risk, 100% Satisfaction & assured best prices.
  • Online order tracking with 24 x 7 chat support.
Customize Your Photo Now

Types of Canvas


Single Panel Canvas

Making a single large panel canvas with us is extremely easy, fast and convenient. Choose your best image, crop and upload it the way you like. We will create the best canvas print and deliver the same at your doorstep.

Make Single Panel

Canvas Wall Display

Express your love to your loved ones by creating a multiple canvases. Decorate your home with our canvas wall displays and relish the amazing moments of your life. Get your photos printed on high quality canvas.

Make Wall Display

Canvas Collages

Want to express it all with just one canvas? Add Multiple images on just one canvas and make canvas collages online. Choose among the various available collage templates and add text to show that you care.

Make a Collage

About Canvas Printing

Product Information

A canvas print is created by printing an image on a high-quality printable textured canvas using a large format UV Inkjet printer, which may have matt or glossy finish. The finished print is known as a rolled canvas print. If the printed canvas is, wrapped around a sturdy pinewood stretcher frame, it's called a Stretched Canvas. The stretched canvas has two styles of image wrapping/stretching. The first one is called mounted prints, in which the edges of the stretched canvas are either in white or some other colour. The other one is a gallery wrap in this, parts of the image get wrapped around the edges. Also, a UV printed canvas has a very long life and are fade resistant.

Selecting a Frame Size

Choosing the right frame size is very important. This decision depends on two things. First is the number of canvas panel to create and accommodate in the available wall space. The second is the number of pictures to get printed. Some people prefer to print a single photo on a big size canvas. Some prefer to print multiple small canvas panels and hang them adjacent to each other & some prefer to split a single image on more than one canvas panel and like to create split canvas panels. Either option among these looks great and reflects the love and affection that a person is trying to capture. The prints are wrapped around either 0.75 inches or 1-inch thick pine wood frames.

Difference between canvas & framed print

The canvas prints are a lot different from a framed picture. A canvas print is a photo printed on a canvas and then wrapped around a wooden frame. Whereas, a framed print is an image printed on glossy photo paper. Then it is pasted on an MDF board using an adhesive and adjusted inside a synthetic wooden frame. Printed canvases are hard to remove and replace on a wooden frame, whereas changing the print in framed pictures is easy and quick.

Choosing the right image

While selecting a photo to print, there are a few things to consider. First, always check whether the image has enough resolution because if the image has a low pixel count, the print might get pixelated on printing. Second, always choose the right format for printing the image. The most acceptable image formats are JPG, PNG and TIFF. Their colour encoding can be either RGB or CMYK. For printing, the RGB colour code converted to CMYK colour code. People generally choose the pictures of their family functions, modern art, abstracts, illustrations, pets, quotes and whatnot. There is no limit to one's imagination when printing on canvas and decorating personal space.

Selecting a high-resolution picture

To select a high-resolution photo for printing. We must ensure the picture chosen for printing must have a minimum of 100 PPI or pixels per inch. For a print size of 12 inches by 12 inches, the final cropped and edited image must have 1200 by 1200 pixels. To learn more about the same check out the image resolution chart. We can expect better clarity and print results if we have a higher resolution image, the higher the image resolution is, the better we get the printing result. Our online canvas printing software can detect the image resolution in realtime and informs the customer if the image has a lower resolution against the print size. It helps us in maintaining the best quality canvas printing at all times.

Costing & Shipping

A rolled canvas print starts at as low as Rs 169 and for mounted or gallery wrap canvas the starting price is Rs 199. The cost of printing and mounting depends on the print size, canvas quality and frame thickness. The cost of bulk order can be less as compared to ordering a single unit. Shipping and delivery charges depend on the selection of shipping method. For priority shipping customers are required to pay the priority charges. Standard shipping on all orders is free across India.

Mounted canvas with a picture of a lady

Quality & Specifications

We print your pictures on 340 GSM archival grade textured cotton canvas. Our facility has Epson 10 colour large format Inkjet printer specially tunned for canvas printing. The results produced are true-to-life and gives you an awestruck moment. We only use original pinewood frames to mount the printed photos. They come in two sizes 0.75 inches and 1-inch. For ensuring the best printing result, our online printing software checks every image before the upload for image resolution. If the image has low-resolution, it informs the customer immediately and asks for a better resolution image.

  • Easily edit & upload pictures directly from your smartphone.
  • Printed canvases mounted on an original pinewood frame.
  • Hanging hooks installed at the back of the mounted frames.
  • Assured best quality at the best price. Zero compromises.
  • True-to-life waterproof prints with no pixelation or image blur.
  • Get prints on 340 GSM grade canvas with a lifetime warranty.

Detailed Specification

Canvas Printing: We choose best-in-class 340 GSM archival grade textured canvas for printing your pictures. Our ten colour large format Epson printer produces true-to-life prints that have over 100 years life warranty. We produce canvas prints as big as 55 inches. Our team of expert designers critically analyzes every photo before printing and makes minor adjustments, if required, to generate perfect printing results. Our prints come with a lifetime warranty and are fade-proof, means your custom art remains the same for years.

Wooden Frames: We use original pinewood stretcher frames to mount the printed canvas. They are crafted from a single length of a pinewood log which is cut, filed and joined with great accuracy. The printed canvas gets stretched on 0.75 inch and 1-inch thick frame with great precision and perfect accuracy. These mounted or stretched prints are ready to hang. They have hanging units / hanging hooks installed at the back of the wooden frame. You are just required to put a nail on the wall and hang your custom creation.

Image formats: Our online canvas print software supports images of the following formats JPG, PNG, BMP. Customers can upload photos of sizes up to 25 megabytes without any hassle or difficulty. We only use the original image to print canvas orders. We don't degrade or reduce the image resolution to fit the print size. We maintain the original cropping of the photos for all types of canvas.

Frame Sizes: We offer custom sized canvas frames starting from 8 inches x 8 inches to 55 inches x 55 inches. All the online listed sizes are readily available and can be fabricated & shipped quickly. Some of the custom-sized frames may require additional time to process and dispatch, depending on frame size. If you don't find the frame size you want, you can talk to our sales agent they love to answer all your queries and provide you with the best prices, delivery timelines and product discounts.

*Terms & conditions apply.
Cropping and editing image online

Online Printing & Creation

Now print your pictures on canvas online. We have devised the easiest to use online image editing interface. That allows you to upload, edit, crop and adjust the image the way you want. It's a simple three-step process which enables you to crop photos on any device. You can use a smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop to create your custom art on canvas.

  • Equipped with Intelligent Image Resolution & Quality Detection.
  • Use a smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop to print photos online.
  • Upload, edit and crop your pictures with a three-step process.
  • Image alignment, brightness control & Auto filters coming soon.
  • Online image quality checks to ensure the best printing results.
  • Most intuitive and advanced online image editing controls.

Options for Online Creation

Online Software: We have designed an online canvas printing software, which is used to create custom prints with great ease. You can use it on a laptop or a mobile phone. It offers various image editing options like cropping, alignment, image touch-ups like brightness, contrast & exposure, and finally, lets you add amazing photo filters. Our online software has an image quality detection parameter which inspects the image before allowing any edit to ensure the image supports minimum print resolution as per the selected size. If the uploaded picture fails this test, our software immediately rejects the photo and intimate the customer to upload a better or new image.

Image Cropping: Our online software detects, the resolution and quality of the image uploaded by the customer against the minimum required image pixels for printing. If the uploaded image is of low resolution. The software will instantly inform the customer and ask for a better resolution image. Our online software also does not allow cropping beyond minimum pixel required for printing. These two checks help us in producing the best quality prints.

Customization tools: You can upload, edit, crop and adjust your pictures online. All projects created can be saved to your account and can later be re-edited and checked before finalizing the order. We are working on adding new features like image flip, brightness & exposure adjustment and image filters.

How to create canvas print online?

Printing images online has never been so easy, quick and awesome. The following steps will guide you through the process of creating canvas prints online. Create now and have them delivered at your doorstep across India.

  • Step 1:First, log into your account, by using any of the available options and navigate to the product specification page. Select the orientation of the canvas among square, landscape and portrait. Then choose the size of the frame along with the product finish.

  • Step 2:Second, navigate to the creation page. Upload your picture online and crop, edit and adjust the photo the way you like. Here you can rotate, flip, and select an image filter that looks the best.

  • Step 3:Third, you can finalize your order, by checking preview and adding the product to cart. You can even save the product to review later and place the order. Rest assured your image cropping gets saved when you either save or add the product to cart. Re-editing the image will reset all the previously saved edits.

  • Step 4:Finally, our team of expert designers will inspect your image and make minor corrections, if required, to ensure the best quality prints are fabricated and delivered to you on committed time.
Safe packaging and free shipping across India

Free Shipping Across India

To ensure"a perfect unboxing experience", we provide free and fast delivery to all our customers across India. We dispatch all our online orders within 48 hours or two working days from the day of order confirmation. All orders placed online qualify for 100% Free Standard Shipping. Priority shipping, if you want your products to reach you even faster. Our customer can also opt for cash on delivery or pay later service on their orders and pay when they receive their orders.

  • Faster Delivery to Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & other A-tier cities.
  • Safe and secure product packaging to ensure no breakage during transit.
  • Free & fast shipping across India via Blue Dart, FedEx, Delhivery etc.
  • Easy exchange and quick replacement of damaged products.
  • Live order tracking with Online and WhatsApp chat support.
  • Bulk orders dispatched within 2 - 4 working days.

Packaging & Delivery Options

Safe & Secure Packaging: All orders are packed inside three-ply corrugated cardboard boxes with paper, bubble wrap and styrofoam sheets to ensure no scratches or marks can hamper the prints. Cardboard corners installed at all four sides to ensure no frame breakage and damage. If in any case, the product gets damaged during transit. We will provide a complete replacement of the same product for free.

Order processing & Delivery time: We try and ensure all the products are fabricated & shipped within 24 to 48 working hours or within two working days. Product Delivery time depends on the customer's choice of shipping method & delivery pin code. The estimated time for delivery is visible on the shipping page.

Free Standard & Priority Shipping: We are located in Delhi with manufacturing facilities in Delhi and Mumbai. We have the most synchronised and fastest delivery network across India. Delivery time for all orders depends on the pin code. Under free standard delivery and COD, orders are delivered within 4-5 working days. Under priority shipping, orders are delivered much faster under 2-3 working days. We ensure an even faster delivery to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurugram,Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, Nagpur and lot more.

Cash on Delivery: Cash on delivery, can be availed on all orders up to the value of Rs 3999. Even orders for canvas prints as big as 55 inches, can be ordered against cash on delivery. Order placed with COD might take a day more to deliver in comparison to Priority and Standard Shipping.

*Terms & conditions apply

Our Commitment

World-class prints at best price: We at Picsin, have always strived to achieve the best for our customers. We put forth our 40 years of printing experience gained from being an outdoor advertising agency and catering some of the biggest multinationals in India. Due to our expertise in printing and huge production capacity, we have been able to achieve great economies of scale and production at very affordable/cheap price which lets us transfer the benefit to our valued customers. We never compromise on print quality and only use eco-friendly inks to produce canvas print.

One-stop printing solution: We aim to become the one-stop print solution for our customers across India and serve all possible needs. To achieve it we are constantly improving and upgrading our online printing platform to make it easy and accessible for our customers to create a beautiful product. We have shipped over 50,000+ artwork across India and going even strong based on the love and support of our customers.

Easy to use cross-platform printing software: We have designed an easy to use cross-platform software that can be used to create canvas prints online. Be it a mobile, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop our customers can create their artworks with great ease. Projects saved online via desktop and mobile can be accessed later on any device to finalize the order. To ensure best print quality we have established and image quality detection test which the uploaded image against the image resolution required for printing based on size.

On-time delivery: To ensure timely deliveries we have partnered with the best shipping companies in India who ensures speedy delivery and protection against any damages during transit. So go ahead, unleash your artistic skills and create wonderful home decor products at the cheapest price. Gift your family and friends the trendiest wall art. Decorate your home, office & other surroundings by capturing your precious moments on wall art and let your loved ones know how much you care. Create Canvas Collages, Framed Prints and Split Canvas Prints Online.

Canvas Size and Price

Square gallery wrap canvas
Landscape Mounted canvas
Portrait canvas print
Square Canvas
Size (Inch) Old Price New Price Offer
8 in x 8 in ₹ 443 ₹ 199 55% off
12 in x 12 in ₹ 1882 ₹ 847 55% off
16 in x 16 in ₹ 2700 ₹ 1215 55% off
20 in x 20 in ₹ 3553 ₹ 1599 55% off
36 in x 36 in ₹ 9082 ₹ 4087 55% off
48 in x 48 in ₹ 16175 ₹ 7279 55% off
Make Square Canvas
Panoramic Canvas
Size (Inch) Old Price New Price Offer
24 in x 10 in ₹ 2611 ₹ 1175 55% off
36 in x 12 in ₹ 5917 ₹ 2663 55% off
42 in x 14 in ₹ 7108 ₹ 3199 55% off
45 in x 15 in ₹ 8140 ₹ 3663 55% off
48 in x 18 in ₹ 8815 ₹ 3967 55% off
52 in x 16 in ₹ 10915 ₹ 4912 55% off
Make Panoramic Canvas
Rectangle Canvas
Size (Inch) Old Price New Price Offer
10 in x 8 in ₹ 788 ₹ 355 55% off
12 in x 10 in ₹ 1562 ₹ 703 55% off
16 in x 12 in ₹ 2095 ₹ 943 55% off
24 in x 16 in ₹ 4051 ₹ 1823 55% off
36 in x 30 in ₹ 6771 ₹ 3047 55% off
48 in x 36 in ₹ 12104 ₹ 5447 55% off
Make Landscape Canvas