5 Best Ways to Decorate Home!

Almost, every one of us has dreamed of decorating our homes with those perfectly captured pictures that reminds us of the great family time that we had. Previously, we use to rely completely on the photographers who had the acumen to print the pictures as big as we want. But with the advent of the smartphone industry and the ever-increasing resolution of the smartphone camera to capture images is definitely getting better day by day. In these modern times, we can select a picture, transfer it to our personal computer or a laptop and print it using a color printer that we have.

Time has undoubtedly changed and with the smartphone, in everyone’spocket, each one of us is trying to capture a perfect moment and share it online with our friends and family via various social platforms. Although sharing a picture online on a social platform do makes us happy as our friends and colleagues are liking, tweeting and commenting on the same which makes us believe that we are liked and loved by everyone, but if we look around the space we live in, the 4 walls that surround us, are actually empty. We should also decorate our personal space as it provides us the positive vibes and relax us from the work-life balance. There are many ways to do the same one of which is to decorate it with our memorable pictures.

I know, I know most of us have always thought that it’s really difficult to get our pictures printed, we have a lot of questions about, what should be the print size? What are the various home décor options available to us? How big can we print this picture? And also many of the smartphone advertisers do state that it’s extremely easy to click a selfie, but no one tells us that it’s also very easy to print a picture using that same smartphone. These days we have a lot of apps that can manipulate a picture and process it to our desired needs. But in order to bring that picture to real life, we have to get it printed and in order to do so, I would like to present some of the latest and new home decorating ideas available to us online.

Canvas Prints


Canvas is the most widely used surface to create an artwork. Artists from all generations have used canvas to bring their masterpiece to life. Be it a painting or a picture print, canvas has described the emotions of its creators in the best possible way. Canvas Prints comes in various shapes, types, and sizes. To describe it further:

Canvas Types

There are basically 2 ways in which a canvas print is mounted on a wooden frame. The first type is known as Mounted Canvas, to create the same a canvas print is mounted on a sturdy wooden frame in which the picture is visible on the front side of the frame only and does not continues on the sides of the frame, also the sides of the frame are either black or white in color. The second type is known as Gallery wrap canvas, opposite to the Mounted canvas the canvas print which is mounted on the wooden frame continues on all sides giving it a 3d look to the final product. Both Mounted canvas and Gallery wrap canvas appeals in their own respect and both beautifully decorate our walls.

Canvas Shapes

Canvas prints can be made in 4 different shapes Square Canvas, Landscape Canvas, Portrait Canvas and Panoramic Canvas. Square Canvas are one of the most used Canvas shapes as they can be used with other Square Canvas tiles to create a wall with multiple pictures. Landscape canvas are generally used with the pictures captured in 4:3 ratio or 16:9 ratio. Portrait Canvas are usually printed big to present a family picture or a standing posture and the Panoramic Canvas are used to print sceneries or 360 degree view.

Framed Pictures


Framed Pictures are the most common wall décor items, they are easy to hang on the wall with just a screw or a nail. The important thing to keep in mind is to select a frame color which matches the picture on which it is being framed. The color of the frame adds definition to the final product and emanates its beauty. Similar to the Canvas Prints, Framed Pictures can also be made in 4 Shapes Square Frame, Landscape Frame, Portrait Frame and Panoramic Frame. There is one more thing to look for while framing a picture and that is a glass which protects the print so it can last long for a very good time. Framed Pictures also decorate are ambience such as work desk, bed side drawers and drawing room walls.

Picture Collages


When one picture is just not enough to express our love, multiple pictures makes a beautiful collage. Collages can be made in various layouts, patterns or designs. We can ourselves take the print of our various pictures and can place them on the wall in whatever manner we want. We can also use any of the apps or tools available online to create a collage and order its print, the same print can also be mounted on various surfaces such as collage canvas print on wooden frame, collage print pasted on a sun board or a MDF wooden board etc. Collage basically decorates our wall with numerous memorable moments or achievements that we have accomplished in our life and provides happiness, love and care towards our family and friends.

Rollup Blinds


Yes it’s possible, we can decorate our windows with pictures. We have always used curtains to block the sun light coming through our windows. Curtains of different colors, patterns and designs are custom made to the size of the windows and to match our requirements. But it’s also possible these days to print our picture and place it on the rollup blinds which looks particular ravishing. Things to care while ordering a window rollup blinds is the measurement of the windows. Windows sizes are based on the type of window we have. There are two types of windows, the first type is with the niche, niche is basically a space in the wall in which the window sunk in the wall and have a ledge space of 4 to 8 inches deep in such case measure the window in between the ledge from inside top to bottom and left to right, it is also known as recess measurement. The second type is where the measurement of the window is taken over the size of window and the rollup blind is placed over the window fit not in the recess area, it is also known as exact measurement. Custom Rollup Blinds comes in various material type offering 30%, 60% and 100% Sun Block.

Family Tree

The most engaging way to decorate our walls is to create a family tree with pictures of our parents, siblings and grandparents. Family tree represents relationship within a family, the bond of love and trust. Family trees are easy to create, it brings out the artist in you. You can create the same using a black paint or colorful tapes to tree, take out the color picture prints of your relatives and paste the same in the chronological order, starting from the bottom. Family trees represent the vastness of your family how each and every one are connected to each other.

I hope, I have provided you with some of the home décor ideas that has always inspired us to create something special for our homes. If you have found it interesting and helping do leave a comment down below.

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